I am a passionate man who grew up as a child with a first generation Gameboy DMG-01. I spent my youth uninterruptedly with the console in my hand and with the later Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance.

When I found my old three consoles in the attic after 15 years, I asked myself a simple question: Can I return to the old classics after such a long time without spoiling my memories?


Today’s consoles have it all – a colorful backlit display, vibrations in the controller, the ability to connect the console to the TV, etc. – but one thing they lack is nostalgia.

The game library for Gameboy / Gameboy Advance consoles is huge and mature gamers are more and more ready to return to retro consoles.

Our consoles have it all and more – professionally cleaned motherboard, components and new high quality parts will allow you to return to the old childhood memories of 15-20 years ago with the new gameplay experience.

You have a satisfaction guarantee on our products, we approach each order individually and try to accommodate our customers. A smile on their face is our greatest success.

You will receive a 12-month warranty on our products and if you are not satisfied, you can return the product within the first 14 days of purchase without giving any reason.

Our products are shipped within 1-3 days after the order, each package is additionally insured in case of loss or damage during transport.

On special request and for an extra charge we can put together a special Gameboy in any color and any additional components (USB-C, wireless charging, improved speaker, special print on the case).


Pokemon, Mario Bros., Tetris, Donkey Kong, Prince of Persia, Mario Kart – The first games I played on the Gameboy after so long gave me a feeling of great nostalgia.

I felt like I was going back 15-20 years, to a time when I had to play with the lights on in the evening to see what was on the display while listening to 8-bit music over headphones.

Then I asked myself another question: Am I able to bring this console back to life and equip it with modern components?

I replaced an old and dirty housing that had turned yellow from the sunlight with a new one made of high quality hard plastic with a nice UV print.

I replaced the old and scratched plastic display screen with a new one made of glass, which eliminated the possibility of future scratches on the display.

The old display, which used to be without backlight, was replaced by a new one – LCD with 10-step backlight and 60 Hz refresh rate.

Since the speaker was rusty, I also replaced it with a new one.

Finally I installed new & high quality transparent buttons.


Selling high quality refurbished Gameboy consoles that are customized to your individual needs. Here and now, in our online store, we offer you this possibility.