Dear customers, we are currently on vacation and gathering a lot of inspiration. We will start selling again at the beginning of April 2023 and will be able to offer you many new consoles.

    Nintendo Gameboy Advance IPS v2 Silver Pokemon Edition

    The Game Boy Advance (short: GBA) is a handheld console and the successor of the Gameboy and the Gameboy Color.

    The console has a built-in IPS v2 LCD display in a Silver Pokemon Edition housing.


    Our GameBoy Advance is equipped with the best modifications:

    • GBA Mainboard – Fully refurbished and tested
    • IPS V2-LCD with backlight – A beautifully bright and defined display (refresh rate 60Hz).
    • New customized shell and buttons.
    • New glass lens – highly scratch resistant.


    The brightness level can be controlled by holding down Select and pressing R or L to increase or decrease the screen brightness.

    All this and it’s ready to play as soon as you get it – all you need to do is put the batteries in

    * The game that is shown on the display is not part of the offer


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