Nintendo Gameboy Advance IPS v2 Silver Pokemon Edition

    The Game Boy Advance (short: GBA) is a handheld console and the successor of the Gameboy and the Gameboy Color.

    The console has a built-in IPS v2 LCD display in a Silver Pokemon Edition housing.


    Our GameBoy Advance is equipped with the best modifications:

    • GBA Mainboard – Fully refurbished and tested
    • IPS V2-LCD with backlight – A beautifully bright and defined display (refresh rate 60Hz).
    • New customized shell and buttons.
    • New glass lens – highly scratch resistant.


    The brightness level can be controlled by holding down Select and pressing R or L to increase or decrease the screen brightness.

    All this and it’s ready to play as soon as you get it – all you need to do is put the batteries in

    * The game that is shown on the display is not part of the offer


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